TwitterSearch: Track Twitter People or Topics

TwitterSearchwill let you set a search term, and it will update every 60 seconds to let you know what is going on in the Twitter universe. You can simply put in a search word or term, or be a little more tricky.

Try setting one of these as your search:

  • "#hashtag"  to track a topic of interest. I like to follow #ubuntu to see the latest topics on my favorite Linux distro. (NOTE: this now works in "search" and "locked_search" modes mentioned below)
  • "@username"  to follow all mentions of someone. You could see what people are saying to @ev, or about him!
  • "to:username"  You can see what people are saying ONLY to a specific person.
  • "from:username"  You can track what a specific person is saying.

My favorite: Just enter a username without the "@" You'll get to see the combo of what someone says, what is being said to them, and anything anyone says about them.

[![Add to Google](]( Add it to iGoogle.

The web page is at

Just like everything else I put up here, feel free to embed it anywhere you like.

Customizing TwitterSearch to put in a web page or blog

Change the default search to fit your site: Just add "search=searchTerm" to the URL. For example: Note that I used a slightly advanced search of "from:metarobert" If you want to get fancy, you'll need to know how to URL encode things like spaces and special characters.

Lock the search term:  By adding the option "locked_search"  you can now set TwitterSearch to lock in to a specific search.  With this set, the text area and button will be hidden and the search will always be set to your prference.  This is perfect for using Twittersearch to display a site specific search as a gadget on your web site.  Adding it is as simple as using an URL like :

If you are wanting to embed this in your own site, here is how I did it in this page:


To use the "search" or "locked_search" options, just change the 'src=' parameter as described above.