Twitter Service Issues, Still...

Twitter still appears to be having problems with their API. The API is the interface that programmers use to connect to Twitter. My apologies to everyone being frustrated by the issue. I am looking at possible band-aids, but don't have high hopes. I think we'll just be waiting this one out. This appears to have started yesterday, so I imagine the Twitter engineers are working hard on it, if not with a bit of fire on their pants.

UPDATE: It appears that other twitter programs may have been having problems also, but are now working.  I've still not gotten a response from anyone at Twitter, but am working hard to find out why their servers are not responding.  Servers hosted at "The Planet" were blacklisted around the same time this problem started, so I'm currently trying to find out if was affected, or if 1and1 hosting was also blacklisted. is the hosting provider for BeTwittered.

In the mean-time, I'm sorry for the lack of service.

UPDATE: (ra-1/10/2009 5:16 PM)  I'm working on a non-proxied version of BeTwittered while waiting to find out if has Blacklisted my hosting service.  By morning I expect to have BeTwittered back up and running, but temporarily missing some features.  Also, there will be issues passing through firewalls as BeTwittered has always done.  That is my next big priority.

UPDATE: (ra-1/10/2009 11:29 PM) I'm forced to give in for the night.  Authentication without has been my enemy for the last few hours.  The Good News: Alex Payne of Twitter started working with me today to determine what the cause of the outage is.  I've provided him with some basic info to start working with.  I thank Alex greatly for responding on a weekend, and look forward to the results.

UPDATE: (ra-1/11/2009 11:04 AM) Alex Payne at Twitter is still helping out.  I can't say anything helpful yet, but wanted to post an update so this doesn't look like a dropped issue.  Also, service may appear to occasionally work,  so don't get too excited if you get a good timeline refresh every now and then.

UPDATE (ra-1/11/2009 6:34 PM) It appears that the problem should be sorted out tomorrow (Monday here in California)  It turns out BeTwittered was put on a Blacklist, but it was done in error, so should be corrected without issue.  Thanks to everyone for your patience, and the support.  It amazed me how many people left encouraging messages! :-)  Now, just to wait a little..bit...longer.... I'll sleep better tonight, I'm happy to say.

UPDATE (ra-1/13/2009 7:30 AM) Last night I heard back regarding the blacklisting again. BeTwittered is still blacklisted, but I'm still working with them in order to get this resolved. I was asked to install a caching server and for a time line for the install. I've responded, so hopefully I'll have news soon that BeTwittered will be removed from their ban list.

I'm very sorry for this extended outage.  I wish it were in my control.

NOTE: If you are using BeTwittered-Canteen on theTWiT Army or BeTwittered-Identica on, you are not affected.  BeTwittered itself, and the server, are functioning fine.

Thanks for you patience,