Twitter Server Performance

I want to ensure that anyone getting the, somewhat snarky, "Twitter is not responding in a sane manner" message is not too alarmed.

It appears that Twitter, who's servers were reportedly doubled for the U.S. Presidential inauguration, may already be having capacity problems today. The servers are responding slowly and a bit randomly. If you are using BeTwittered, please be aware that I am watching the server closely. If you are using BeTwittered-Canteen or BeTwittered-Identica,

you are so far unaffected, although all three are hosted on the same server.


UPDATE / NOTE: I've found a bug today.  If you post and it fails, the error message is cleared by the timeline refresh that follows.  This means, simply, that if Twitter does not respond and accept your Tweet today, you do NOT get the right feedback from BeTwittered.  My apologies.  I will fix this so you get a "failed send" message in the future.