Twitter is not responding to again.

My Apologies. If it is something I can fix, I will. My guess is that BeTwittered has been blacklisted again for making too many requests of the Twitter servers. I've not yet gotten a response as to whether this is the case or not.

Update (2:24pm pacific time) : The problem should be fixed, but take some time to propagate on the Twitter servers.  If you want to see more detail, and my comments (which get a bit bi-polar, I might add) please click the comments link below.  I've had a rough day, and I'm going silent! unless things don't get better as expected.

UPDATE (3:53pm Pacific time)  I let Alex at twitter know that we're still not back online.  It should have been OK by now.   He's going to nudge yandex bum

the ops team to get the to check it out.  BeTwittered *will* be back online, it's just a matter of time now.  Hopefully not long.  I am out of town and not at a computer often, though I will check in regularly.

UPDATE: ((ra-2/2/2009 8:23 AM)  We're still down, but I have continued to keep in contact with the Twitter team.  BeTwittered should be back soon.  I'm sorry to say I can't say exactly when, but the operations team was apparently very busy working hard due to expected superbowl traffic.  Hopefully they'll get to opening the gates for BeTwittered this morning. I also want to say I appreciate the supportive comments, especially since this is the second time BeTwittered was "banned"  recently.  Thank you all!  It shouldnt be long now.