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  1. BeTwittered (FOR TWITTER ONLY) Is Retiring

    Sorry to everyone who is still using it, but BeTwittered will be going offline on March 20, 2010.

    Sorry to take it down, it was a very fun project and it’s was really great getting feedback and hearing from people who use it.


    p.s. Versions of of …

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  2. TwitterTrak for the iPhone

    My first iPhone app, TwitterTrak for the iPhone.  Do you want to keep track of what people on Twitter are up to from your iPhone?  I wrote this one first because it would be relatively simple, and because I wanted it for myself. :)

    TwitterTrak will let you keep up on …

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  3. New! BeTrendy has been released on iGoogle

    BeTrendy is an interactive gadget that will keep you up to date with what is going on in the Twitter universe, right from your iGoogle home page. Who's searching for what, and what are people Tweeting about? Move your cursor over BeTrendy to rotate the tags.

    Add BeTrendy to your …
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  4. BeTwittered Gets a New Search Tab

    Released tonight, 11:30pm February 8th to me, BeTwittered gets a new search function. Look under the newly named "More!" tab and click "Search" Search for @usernames, funny words, whatever you like.
    Have Fun,

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  5. BeTwittered Is Back, And here's the story...

    Sorry for the down-time.  BeTwittered is back, again.  I notified the folks at Twitter as soon as I diagnosed the problem on Friday, January the 30th.  Being the second time this happened, it only took me a few minutes to diagnose and then notify Twitter.  There were some unfortunate delays …

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  6. Twitter Server Performance

    I want to ensure that anyone getting the, somewhat snarky, "Twitter is not responding in a sane manner" message is not too alarmed.

    It appears that Twitter, who's servers were reportedly doubled for the U.S. Presidential inauguration, may already be having capacity problems today. The servers are responding slowly …

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