New Features Added to BeTwittered

Last night, some updates went into the released version of BeTwittered.  Two features are added.  The first is that replies and any other "@username" reference is now highlighted, and clickable.  Clicking an @username reference will now take you directly to that persons Twitterhome page.  Also, there is now a settings page.  Click on settings, and you'll get, currently, two options:  You can choose to logout of twitter, and you can choose to turn off user pictures in the timeline.

Related news: It appears that google may have fixed an issue they were having with their gadget directory.  Since last night, BeTwittered and "Amazon Top 10 Geek/Tech Books" are showing up again.  This means you can use "add stuff" on your Google homepage to get these gadgets again (and a whole lot of others that were also missing)