From BeTwittered - New Beta Gadget Available

I made a blog post over on, and Evan of pointed out to me that I did not link to the new beta version of BeTwittered.  This beta version connects to rather than  I've checked the google directory this morning, and they have still not published it yet, so it's still not searchable.

The instructions below are no longer needed! :-)  Please see the update below.

For anyone wishing to add the Beta version gadget now, here are some instructions:
1) click "Add Stuff" on your iGoogle page.
2) click "Add feed or gadget" on the bottom left.
3) paste in the gadget address ->

Please be patient, as a couple of the gadget features are not working yet. is still working to expand their feature set, and I've not removed some things, like the favorites and direct message tabs.  They (for now) give a false error message. is NOT causing an error, IS asking for stuff that doesn't exist!


UPDATE: BETA VERSION is now available on iGoogle at this link. The screenshot is still for a twitter gadget, and there are two useless tabs (favorites and directs) that I’ve just not taken out, but the gadget is working.