BeTwittered updated, is it Version 2?

I'm not sure I want to call it version 2, that seems like a big burden to bear; and visually, BeTwittered may not appear much different.  There are several new features, though, like:

  • Newly configurable refresh rates
  • Configurable font sizes
  • New pop-up dialogs (thanks Stan, for jGrowl!)
  • New timelines: your personal archive and the public timeline are under the "Other" tab, along with favorites.
  • Some minor interface changes like moving the reply, direct message, and favorite buttons into the messages for much easier access.

Oddly, the really big changes are in the coding, and will make it easier to add features and fix bugs.  This was a ground up rewrite.  I'm selfish that way.  I created BeTwittered for myself, and now I'm making changes for myself.  No, come Back!  I'm KIDDING!  Please keep the email, tweets and comments coming.  I really love to hear from everyone so I can fix bugs and get new feature ideas.  This has been a lot of effort, but a lot of fun, too.


Robert (@metarobert)