BeTwittered gets a new feature, and some nice changes

This morning, a new version of BeTwittered went live. Because it's web based the update is automatic, so if you already use BeTwittered, you'll just get the updates. For most people, the obvious change will be the addition of time-stamps. If you don't like having them, you can turn them off in the "settings" - FYI - Pictures can be turned off, too. Now, someone (I won't mention a name, but it rhymes with "Steve") noted that at some screen resolutions, BeTwittered didn't "wrap" well, so made it hard to read Tweets without having to scroll around the screen. I checked it out, and it was truly a pain, and ugly. I've fixed the text area so it resizes, so BeTwittered should now look a LOT better for anyone that had this issue before. Happy Tweeting.