1. Twitter Server Performance

    I want to ensure that anyone getting the, somewhat snarky, "Twitter is not responding in a sane manner" message is not too alarmed.

    It appears that Twitter, who's servers were reportedly doubled for the U.S. Presidential inauguration, may already be having capacity problems today. The servers are responding slowly …

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  2. BeTwittered lives...

    The blacklisting of BeTwittered by Twitter was lifted.  First and foremost, thanks to everyone who left encouraging messages.  I'm still amazed at how many people voiced their support.

    Also, I want more info

    to share the short story so everyone knows what happened.  I will post a follow up for …

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  3. Twitter Service Issues, Still...

    Twitter still appears to be having problems with their API. The API is the interface that programmers use to connect to Twitter. My apologies to everyone being frustrated by the issue. I am looking at possible band-aids, but don't have high hopes. I think we'll just be waiting this one …

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  4. Another BeTwittered update released.

    I've released another update and added some more features.  I didn't get everything done that I would have liked, but decided to let everyone benefit from the progress I'd already made.

    Some new features:

    • A button to show/hide the dashboard area (the controls and text area)
    • Better handling when …
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  5. BeTwittered updated, is it Version 2?

    I'm not sure I want to call it version 2, that seems like a big burden to bear; and visually, BeTwittered may not appear much different.  There are several new features, though, like:

    • Newly configurable refresh rates
    • Configurable font sizes
    • New pop-up dialogs (thanks Stan, for jGrowl!)
    • New timelines: your …
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  6. BeTwittered Has New Features. Finally!

    It's been a long time coming, and I've gotten plenty of email requesting the new features that have finally made their way into BeTwittered.  Most notable are the reply and direct message functions.  The interface also got a bit of an upgrade with nice icons/buttons, and now by clicking …

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