Another BeTwittered update released.

I've released another update and added some more features.  I didn't get everything done that I would have liked, but decided to let everyone benefit from the progress I'd already made.

Some new features:

  • A button to show/hide the dashboard area (the controls and text area)
  • Better handling when the gadget is narrow.  That darned ad at the bottom will no longer cause a horizontal scrollbar.
  • A new menu that will replace the tabs at smaller widths (any width below 220 pixels, if you are interested)
  • the "more info" button has a new home at the end of the messages with the reply, direct and favorite buttons.
  • some bug fixes also went in...

Known issues:

I've already gotten one report, and was able to reproduce it once, of everything "sliding off to the right"  If you experience this, I would love to get some feedback including your OS (Mac/Vista/XP/Linux) and browser (Firefox/IE/Safari/Chrome)  Also, if you can, a screen-shot would be very helpful.  The problem, so far, does not appear very common, so I'd appreciate any feedback I can get. Temp fix? -> In testing a bit, the problem went away for me when I logged out, then back in.

I'm also working on the "refresh indicator" bug.  It appears some one of the tools I'm using just can't always keep straight when all activity has completed.  I'll be going back to the old-fashioned, "do-it-yourself" method I was using before to see if I can clean it up.

After that, back to feature requests.  Retweet, breaking of very long words, a "super light" theme of sorts, and some others I'm not thinking of.  I need to consolidate my list! :-o

Stay safe through the new year holiday,


UPDATE: I've gotten a bunch of feedback on the "sliding off to the right" issue.  Thanks to everyone who responded here, email and via twitter. :)  I now have plenty of info to start working with now.

ALSO:  it does generally appear that logging off, then back on does fix the problem.

Thanks again