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This page covers the BeTwittered iGoogle gadget, BeTwittered Mobile ( is still pretty self explanatory.

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The Basics:

BeTwittered is a client for Twitter, which is a very popular micro-blog sort of service. Twitters uses are always expanding into new areas, but it’s a great way to keep in touch, or just passively follow what others are up to. If you are not familiar with Twitter, go get a free account and check it out. It’s VERY easy to sign up. Because Twitter is hard to describe well- It’s best to just try it for yourself. Feel free to “follow” me to get started (whether you choose to use BeTwittered or not ) Just visit metarobert after you sign up, and click the “follow” button on my page.

If you already use BeTwittered, and would like to leave a comment with a rating for other iGoogle users to see, please go to the BeTwittered gadget page at google. For feature requests and bug reports, please feel free to comment here or email me!

What is BeTwittered:

There are now two versions. The BeTwittered iGoogle gadget, and BeTwittered Mobile which is suited for mobile devices and phones with “proper” web browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.

The Google Gadget version is a gadget you can add to your Google home page.

Some of the key features of BeTwittered gadget:

  • Auto refresh of your timeline and a configurable refresh rate
  • View replies and direct messages sent to you
  • Post updates replies or direct messages

The Mobile version is intentionally a bit more light-weight, and it does not automatically refresh your timeline – no data usage on your phone unless you choose to check for updates.

I’m planning on expanding the BeTwittered services quite a bit. It’s still in early planning, so is very hush-hush. I am the only person working on it, so secrecy is easy. And probably completely unnecessary, but it sounds very cool to me. (I am a little bit afraid that I may talk in my sleep, then my wife will totally get the “jump” on me and implement a competing product before I’m done)

How to use it:

Currently, you can add the gadget to your Google / iGoogle homepage a couple of ways: by following this link – add BeTwittered, or from your homepage by clicking “add-stuff” and searching for “BeTwittered”

You can use the mobile version from your mobile phone or device by bookmarking this link -> BeTwittered Mobile. Please note that you can check out the mobile version from your computer, but it is designed to work on small screens. It’ll look like a little app stretched to fit a big screen.

Please note the prerequisites:

They’re pretty simple:

(1) You need a free Google account to use the Google gadget (sign up!). After you sign up, you’ll have your very own google homepage, and you can add BeTwittered.

(2) You need to sign up for Twitter to use either version. BeTwittered is a client for the Twitter service, so you need to go there and sign up for a FREE account. Be warned, you may end up spending a lot of time Twittering! I’m following some pretty interesting and funny people, myself.

Add it your iGoogle homepage or to you Blogspot blog:

Add Twitter iGoogle Gadget